As brides browsed the inspiration galleries at Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta at Southern Exchange Ballrooms, they were met with the decadence of the Gigi’s Cupcakes display. We caught up with Amanda Karmazin, Wedding Consultant at Gigi’s Cupcakes at The Forum, to talk wedding trends, Fall flavors, and, of course, cupcakes.

See You at the Bar
What’s on the rise in wedding dessert trends? Dessert bars. Guests can have their choice of your favorite cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or pies. If you have a favorite, Gigi’s can create anything you need for your special wedding display. Though known mainly for their glorious cupcake creations, Gigi’s can help you create anything form cookies to cake pops.

If you crave the show stopping effect of a stunning wedding cake, Gigi’s can create the edible work of art you need to top off your perfect day.

Marble and Gold and Champagne, Oh My!
Amanda clued us in to some of the hot trends she’s seeing in wedding cake designs this year. One of the hottest is marble. Marble look cakes, especially in grey with gold veins throughout, have been very popular this year. And speaking of gold, another huge trend that Amanda mentioned is gold leaf. “Gold is everywhere,” says Amanda. Whether it’s a line of gold drawn through the design, or a tier of gold sequins, Brides are all about their shine.

Bubbles aren’t just for bottles anymore, either. Gigi’s Cupcakes at The Forum has also been doing a lot of champagne cakes for their wedding clients. “Champagne syrup and sparkling white grape juice gives [the cake] extra fluffiness.”

Have Your Cake and Your Wedding Too!
Gigi’s Cupcakes at The Forum is equipped to give you exactly the cake you want for your day. Amanda works directly with brides to go over venues, colors, floral, and all of the other style influences that create a your ideal flavor. Whether it’s pops of purple and plum (super hot this year) , rustic muted tones for your chic barn I-do’s, or traditional vanilla, chocolate or strawberry for your classic affair, a bride’s options are endless. And don’t forget, your Groom needs a cake too!

Fall is for Flavors
Not planning a wedding? It’s okay. It’s time to treat yourself. Gigi’s Cupcakes at The Forum’s fall menu includes pumpkin spice latte cupcakes, harvest carrot cake and sweet potato cakes.

Gigi’s Cupcakes at The Forum is a full-service bakery offering an extensive menu to satisfy every sweet tooth. They also offer in-house cupcake decorating parties, along with Wedding and Event catering. Stop by so they can make your life a little bit sweeter!

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