Offering a signature cocktail at your wedding reception is a delicious and fun way to personalize your celebration. Lyght House Cocktails, a Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta exhibitor, specializes in crafting unique cocktails to showcase the bride and groom’s personalities at their event.

Whether you want to serve a cocktail inspired by your favorite flavors, your décor color scheme or seasonal ingredients, there are many ways you can incorporate your style into the cocktail menu. Lyght House Cocktails has created several original recipes:

Signature Cocktails

Asking a bartender to pour the drinks at your reception for a few hours is nothing new.  Well, how about hiring a mobile bartending service that will not only bring in a full service staff and all the necessary equipment to cater your beverage needs, but also one that will create custom libations that are sure to bring cheer to you and all of your guests the whole night long? That service is Lyght House Cocktails.

Lyght House

Not only can we create signature cocktails tailored specifically for you, we can also personalize beverages as wedding favors and attendant gifts. 

Lyght House Cocktails

Lyght House Cocktails at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta, January 2014

Did you have a chance to stop by our bar at the Bridal Extravaganza and try our flavors: Etern~I~Tini, Spring Breeze and Crush?  If not, let’s schedule a tasting and get your fully customize bar booked for your wedding! 

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