Amanda & TJ are one of four lucky couples who have won a wedding ceremony compliments of Keurig at the Margaret Mitchell House on 12/13/14! Learn more about them and check out their engagement photos by Made You Look Photography!


How did you meet?
TJ and I met in March of 2011 when he and his roommate moved into the apartment below mine. My roommate and I had seen some cute boys move in and decided to knock on their door to ask for eggs. We told them we were baking a cake. This “cake” we were making was a pre-made cake that did not need eggs :). We waited a little while and took them a couple pieces and since that day TJ and I have been together. We got engaged May 19, 2014.
Why did you decide to enter the Keurig wedding contest?
We were planning a wedding for May in Nebraska where we are from most of our family lives when I saw that Keurig was doing this contest. I thought why not try and win since it was getting stressful trying to plan a wedding so far away and what an awesome experience to be able to say you won a wedding! Now the stress of trying to plan it ourselves and trying save the extra money is gone!
How many times did you record your submission video?
We had to take several takes on our video – I’d say about 12. I messed up every time TJ got his part right, and then TJ messed up every time I said my lines right.
What was your favorite part about taking your engagement photos?
TJ was making me laugh like the whole time. We can’t ever take anything seriously! Montoya and LaTisha were also very great to work with. They made us feel like we were models.
What are you most looking forward to about your wedding on 12/13/14?
Our closest family and friends will be there to share this moment with us at such a beautiful venue.
Which of you drinks the most coffee?



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