Peonies or posies? Hibiscus or hydrangea? Daffodil or delphinium? Flowers are a defining element of any event’s design and with almost endless options it can be difficult to know which floral design to choose to enhance your event. That’s when it’s helpful to have an expert like Holland Musico of Flowers by Holland on your side to guide you to your ideal look. We had the chance to chat with Holland at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta and she gave us some tips and trends of the trade.

Where does it all begin?
Sometimes just knowing where and how to start planning the look of your wedding or event can be overwhelming, but Holland has a straight forward approach that brings it into perspective, “Your bride comes to you with her designs and inspiration, and as a designer you help them narrow that down to something that is a little bit different from other people, and [her] own.”

Holland takes an idea or a look of a single piece and builds to find the custom look that works for the specific vision of the event. The Flowers by Holland display at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta, for example, started not with the flowers, but with the rattan chargers. From there, Holland built the entire look by adding white linens, blue and white tableware, brass candlesticks, and floral centerpieces composed of blue thistle, blue delphinium, Queen Anne’s lace, scabiosa pods and green hydrangea. From the one element of the rattan chargers that caught Holland’s eye, she was able to build a complete and on-trend look that complimented the event space at Southern Exchange Ballrooms.

Trends you say?
Holland also clued us in to a couple of big trends she’s been seeing for weddings this season. “Blue has been such a trendy color this year; both for brides and corporate clients.” Another look that’s making its way to the center of the table is brass. Holland’s display included brass candlesticks, to incorporate the growing trend of the use of this classic metal.

The seamless blending of trends is one of Holland’s specialties. “Brides will like a lot of different styles and want to combine them into one. [I] wanted to show a lot of different trends and meld them all together.”

Allergy Season?
If flowers aren’t your thing or your mother-in-law to be has debilitating allergies that take even cacti off the table, don’t worry, Holland, who also runs Balloonacy, has been seeing and uptick in the use of balloons in wedding decor. “When we started 14 years ago, people did not do balloons for weddings. Now people are seeing that they can be used for weddings and look great.” Holland and Balloonacy have an upcoming installation for a wedding with all white balloons and greenery backdrop. Holland’s take on the look, “It’s going to be awesome.”

Flowers by Holland is a full service event decor company. Whether it’s your wedding day, your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen or your company’s annual gala, they can create beautiful designs just for you. 

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